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Dine next to the Alhambra

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Andalusian cuisine restaurant

Our cuisine has its deep roots in the rich and traditional Andalusian gastronomy, to which our chef Alfonso Andrés adds his broad experience acquired on the Mediterranean shores where he established his solid culinary knowledge. This results into an outstanding mastery of rice dishes and paella, one of our kitchen’s best and most delicious recipes.


We believe to have found the formula which encompasses good value for money, providing guests with two menu types every day together with a well-sized list of the chef’s suggestions which combines the best of Spanish cuisine and Andalusian culinary taste. Some of our most outstanding dishes such as the flambé sea bass with green pepper or the roasted shoulder of lamb from the Segura region come together with traditional recipes like local oxtail stew or the classic baby broad beans with Trevélez Iberian ham.

Our chef’s rice dishes and paella deserve a special mention, since we firmly believe you should not leave our hotel without having tried them.

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Hotel Guadalupe

Enjoy a great breakfast to start the day

According to our clients, one of the most pleasant and evocative moments of the day is enjoying our delicious breakfast by a large panoramic window in the restaurant, letting the early rays of sun flood the room as they arrive filtered by the trees which lead to the magical Alhambra.

Whether you choose the copious and varied breakfast buffet or something more simple and light such as a continental breakfast, it will be the best way to recharge your batteries before a thrilling day visiting our city.


There are spaces, like the Spanish poet Juan Ramón Jiménez used to say about his hometown of Moguer, that “have light with time inside”. One of those spaces, of which we are very proud of, is the café in our hotel, located next to the entrance hall and the TV room, a place where you can enjoy an exquisite midday snack or a relaxing afternoon drink with a good book while you watch the light come in through the windows, that light that “finds it so hard to leave Granada” as our universal poet Federico García Lorca used to say.

Hotel Guadalupe